What’s on my desk (Hint: it’s a dog)

If you read my previous post you’ll quickly work out that due to Covid and WFH requirements of my hubbie, I lost access to an actual desk this year. But that’s okay, because although it’s not completely physically okay (yes, Doctor!) to work from the couch forever, there are some benefits. Firstly, because I workContinue reading “What’s on my desk (Hint: it’s a dog)”

Creative Mess vs Clutter / Maximalism vs Minimalism

To get the house into sales-readiness lately I and my husband have been in declutter and clean mode. Being a creative I’ve always believed that I needed a messy desk and some clutter to keep my juices primed. Only to find that it’s my business-savvy husband who is the clutter-keeper around here. Trying to convinceContinue reading “Creative Mess vs Clutter / Maximalism vs Minimalism”