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10 Ways to Make your Home Office more Zen

With many of us WFHing (working from home) through Covid-19 lockdowns, how our home office looks, feels and functions is vitally important, and the Japandi and Zen influences in design gives us one way through these times.

What’s on my desk (Hint: it’s a dog)

If you read my previous post you’ll quickly work out that due to Covid and WFH requirements of my hubbie, I lost access to an actual desk this year. But that’s okay, because although it’s not completely physically okay (yes, Doctor!) to work from the couch forever, there are some benefits. Firstly, because I work…

My Daily Planner

For somebody who appears from the outside to be totally organised, and also someone who has created all sorts of planners, it is a guilty truth that I don’t keep a daily planner or calendar for that matter. This is because – I have always had a fantastic planning memory (for date triggers and things)…


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Hi, I’m Michelle. I write on my lifetime passion to create and write, and my newest life journey to move from the city to a beach breezy shack.

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