What’s on my desk (Hint: it’s a dog)

If you read my previous post you’ll quickly work out that due to Covid and WFH requirements of my hubbie, I lost access to an actual desk this year.

But that’s okay, because although it’s not completely physically okay (yes, Doctor!) to work from the couch forever, there are some benefits.

Firstly, because I work primarily from a laptop and a recliner the positives of having my legs up to form a solid lap for the laptop mean that I circumvent the little bit of backpain I’ve discovered over the last year. I have a minor slipped disk and problems with a hip and ankle. Walking to remain fit and exercising my core works to alleviate some pain. But as I’ve discovered with doing a lot of kneeling and flexing forward lately to wash windows and things, sometimes sitting with my legs up also is helpful.

So my desktop is actually a computer and a sofa. I get up from it every hour, and do other things, but most of my work in writing and designing is digital. So there you have it. When I do eventually have my own desk and workspace back I will design it for access and inspiration.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my desk(top) in a digital sense, plus what was currently on it – that’s Herbie, an active and demanding but very cute Havanese.

Yes, not helpful. So here’s a list of my go-to apps and tools for working –

Desktop Apps

  • Evernote (long-time Pro user, basically as a database of notes and web articles I want to keep)
  • OneNote (prefer the linear structure of folders etc, and hold many wikis on this app)
  • Photo editing software – too many to list
  • Mail app (currently Mailbird)
  • Powerpoint – it can do almost anything a photo editor can do nowadays
  • 1Password
  • OneDrive and Dropbox for desktop-cloud storage
  • Writing Apps – many and varied but major apps used are: Scrivener, Plottr, Scrabble

Online Apps

  • Pinterest – I have huge boards and superboards gathered over ten years on many subjects such as art, mythology, writing and home and garden. Here, see!
  • WordPress
  • Trello
  • Canva (occasionally, but I’m better at using desktop photo editors)
  • Feedly Pro – I’m trying to read my feeds once a day, operative word being trying.

This list will be filled out eventually and made into a page.

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